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EOS.IO Block Producer for London, UK

We are:

Financially independent and self funded: We will not take money from external investors so have no conflicts of interest
Advanced technical and network expertise: Part of the first EOS testnets since January, leading work on advanced network DDOS resilience.
High performance and re-investment: We are committed to strong reinvestment back into EOS for scaling and expansion.
Community value add: We organise one of the world’s largest EOS communities here in London.
Building EOS Essentials: We authored the Chintai whitepaper in February, launched and are running the community project to build the EOS token delegation / leasing marketplace dApp.
Integrity, Transparency, Ethical standards: Further to publishing the first BP code of conduct , we pledge to act with the highest standards of integrity, abide by the eosio constitution, and will never pay for votes.